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Please join us in our effort to preserve this unique and precious area for public use. Numbers count. Most importantly register on this website.

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Latest Info

Rasmussen Pond and Meadows
Sold to a Housing Developer
Building Can Be Stopped

The 104 acre parcel, ASSESSOR PARCEL NUMBER: 070011051, to be referred to here as "Rasmussen Pond" has been sold to the developer The True Life Companies that plans to subdivide the land into one fifth acre lots and build 3,500 to 4,000 sq. ft. houses on them. (For examples of what it will look like visit the many new housing developments to the east of Bass Lake).

Strong and persistent opposition by a large number of the community caused the San Stino and Dixon Ranch development permits to be denied by the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors.(See How Below) These developments were proposed by the same company that has purchased Rasmussen Pond.

General Strategy to Stop the Development.
The parcel land use is designated as HDR (High Density Residential that allows 1 to 5 residential units per acre.)

The parcel is zoned as R1A (One acre Residential). This means that the land can only be subdivided into one acre residential parcels with each parcel under common ownership - one title.

For a developer to build five dwellings per acre with separate titles the Zone needs to be changed from R1A to R1.

A Zone change request must go before the Planning Commission and finally be approved by the El Dorado Board of Supervisors.

To change the parcel Zone the processes must be carried out as described in a El Dorado County memo. An excerpt is provided here:

For more details about the case for preservation, see Preservation Case Jan 2022.


Rasmussen Pond is the only "natural" area in Cameron Park and surrounding regions consisting of grassland, oak forest, high chaparral, riparian and fresh water ecological environments that is readily accessible to the local community. Together with the adjacent land owned by the Pine Hill Preserve(40 acres) and El Dorado County is has 6 miles of "social" trails. (See Map)

For more details about the case for preservation, see Preservation Case Jan 2022.

Responses to this website show that it is used by more than 450 people that visit the area more than 30,000 times per year for walking (with/without dogs), running, cycling, photography etc.

The purpose of this website is to:
  • Document the number of people who visit this area and for what activity.
  • Increase the community awareness of the proposed housing development.
  • Increase community support to oppose the development.
  • Advise activities and processes that the can be used to oppose the development.


Of interest is that the land on the southwest boundary is part of the Pine Hill Preserve and the land on the southeast boundary is owned by El Dorado County. Both of these parcels were purchased as a rare plant preserve/gabbro soil property. The American River Conservancy, Bureau of Land Management (administrator of the Pine Hill Preserve) and El Dorado County were approached to buy the land.

However, they all declined due to at least one of the following reasons:

  • The land does not have rare plant species.
  • The asking price is too high.

For information about why the Pine Hill Preserve is so special check out these websites:

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