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  • 104 Acres
    In El Dorado County

    At the confluence of the communities of Cameron Park, Shingle Springs and Rescue

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A Natural Gem

The Details

The land ASSESSOR PARCEL NUMBER: 070011051 to be referred to here as "Rasmussen Pond" is for sale. On Redfin and Zillow it is listed as 2695 Carousel Ln, Shingle Springs, CA 95682

Although it is private property, it is presently used by many people for walking (with/without dogs), running, cycling, photography etc. It appears to be the only "natural" area in the region consisting of grassland, oak forest and high chaparral that is readily accessible to the local community.

The purpose of this website is to gather information about:
  • The number of people who visit this area and for what activity
  • The variety of plants and animals that inhabit the area. This could be a citizen science project.

Cameron Park Community Service District (CSD) has shown interest in taking steps to preserve part if not all of this unique open space for public access and its natural beauty. This information will used to demonstrate to the CSD the degree of community support to progress with this endeavor.


Of interest is that the land on the southwest boundary is part of the Pine Hill Preserve and the land on the southeast boundary is owned by El Dorado County. Both of these parcels were purchased as a rare plant preserve/gabbro soil property. The American River Conservancy, Bureau of Land Management (administrator of the Pine Hill Preserve) and El Dorado County were approached to buy the land.

However, they all declined due to at least one of the following reasons:

  • The land does not have rare plant species.
  • The asking price is too high.

For information about why the Pine Hill Preserve is so special check out these websites:

Sale Status

It appears that a Letter of Intent has been accepted by the owner from a potential private buyer (name unknown) for a housing development. The land use is zoned as R1A (One acre Residental) and designated as HDR (High Density Residental - 1 to 5 residental units per acre.) However, it is understood that the land will remain on the market until the sale enters escrow.

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How Can I Get Involved?

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Have a Photo?

Do you have photos, especially flowers/plants, that you would like to be used on this website to promote Rasmussen Pond for preservation and public use?

Please attach photos to an email and send to: info@RescueRasmussenPond.com
If possible, add a caption stating location and species if known.

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