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    In El Dorado County

    At the confluence of the communities of
    Cameron Park, Shingle Springs and Rescue

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Save This Natural Gem

Stop This

This is what a housing developer plans for this area:

Only our large and concerted effort by the community will stop this from happening.

Opposition from the community prevented the building of 1600 houses at San Stino, 600 houses at Dixon Ranch and 1400 houses on the Executive Golf Course in El Dorado Hills.


  • The developer has an option to buy - the developer does NOT own the land.
  • Sufficient and effective objections to the project will stop the development.
    This is NOT a done deal!

Please see Latest Info.

U Can Help

Please join the Rescue Rasmussen Pond Alliance in our effort to preserve this unique and precious area for public use. Numbers count. Most importantly register on this website.

Emails will be sent on the progress of this effort and details and dates of events organized to oppose this development.

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    If possible, add a caption and/or name the file stating species and location if known.

Latest Info

Time Line

February 2, 2024
El Dorado Planning Department issued the following:
Notice of Preparation of Draft Environmental Impact Report and Notice of Public Scoping Meeting for the Cameron Meadows Project TM23-0003 (APN 070-011-051-000)

The public meeting on February 15 was attended by more than 150 residents that overflowed the venue. Read about this here.

Comments regarding the scope of the Environmental Impact Report could be made until March 5. The Draft Environmental Impact Report is currently being prepared. This could take at least 6 months. This report will be published and there will be a 45 day period for the public to make comments.

The Rescue Rasmussen Pond Alliance sent comments on the following issues. To view these comments, click the relevant link below:

September 29, 2023
RRPA submitted a request for copies of public records pursuant to the California Public Records Act. This action was taken as obviously much information had passed between PD, other agencies and TTLC since June 30, 2023 that was no longer being posted on eTrakit as it had been previously.

September 21, 2023
Email from PD to RRPA: "the project application is now considered complete. We have not scheduled any public hearings to date." It is at these public hearings that RRPA will have the opportunity to present information opposing the development and have them included in the public record.

August 14, 2023
Email from PD to Rescue Rasmussen Pond Alliance (RRPA): "The project is still incomplete"

June 30, 2023
Response from the TTLC to the PD "Incomplete" letter. This letter plus the Full Application plan and reports are here: https://edc-trk.aspgov.com/etrakit/. Login (anyone can) go to "Projects" select APN and enter 070011051. The plans and reports are shown as attachments that can only be viewed when logged in.

April 11,2023
"Incomplete" letter from the PD to TTLC (Letter stating information required by PD that was omitted from the Full Application)

March 13, 2023
Full Application submitted by TTLC to PD. The application was different to the Preliminary Application. It now proposed to build 161 houses plus 16 Attached Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) and claimed exceptions to the R1A zone and building regulations under the State Density Bonus Law

July 20, 2022
SB 330 Preliminary Application to develop the parcel by TTLC submitted to El Dorado Planing Department (PD). The application was to build 174 houses consistent with R1 Zoning.

July 2021
Option to Buy parcel obtained by The True Life Companies (TTLC)


Development Details

Planned Housing Subdivision - Cameron Meadows

The housing developer "The True Life Companies" (TTLC) has obtained an option to plan a subdivision on the 104 acre parcel: ASSESSOR PARCEL NUMBER: 070011051. TTLC is calling the development "Cameron Meadows". TTLC will purchase the land if the project is approved by El Dorado County.

The TTLC Tentative Subdivision Plan (see at beginning of website) shows that as many houses as possible are being packed into 40 acres of the parcel by claiming exceptions to the zone and building regulations under the State Density Bonus Law.

The Plan shows 104 of the 161 lots are less than 0.20 acre(8714 sq ft) - equivalent to 5 lots per acre, and 54 of these 104 lots are less than 0.17 acre (7260 sq ft) - equivalent to 6 lots per acre.

The housing developments, that make up only a third of the parcel boundary, have an average lot size of 12,000 sq ft (0.28 acre). The remainder of the boundary is open space or 5 to 10 acre lots.

The 5 ft minimum offset of houses from lot side boundaries is being used where ever possible with the result that the distance between the sides of houses is 10 ft. The roads are so narrow that the Fire Safe Plan prepared for TTLC requires that all the roads except Carousel Lane be posted "No Parking" on one side of the roadway. The Tentative Subdivision Plan will make this the highest density housing project in the area. (For examples of what it will look like visit the many new housing developments to the east of Bass Lake).

Development Can Be Stopped

Strong and persistent opposition by a large number of the community caused the San Stino and Dixon Ranch development permits to be denied by the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors.These developments were proposed TTLC.

Due to donations from supporters a number of professional experts have been engaged and have provided much information that can be used to oppose the development. There have also been significant professional advice provide for free by supporters.

  • The various surveys reported by TTLC have a number of shortcomings that will be challenged during the environmental review process.
  • Emphasis will be placed on the increased Wildfire Hazard level and damaging flood levels that will arise from the development.
  • The increase in the volume of traffic on already crowded roads will likely cause unexpected costs to TTLC.
  • That there is a need for market rate housing in the area is bogus. The Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) for market rate housing from 2021 thru 2019 for El Dorado County is 2831. During the the last 10 years 5762 houses have been built.
  • On going community support for the parcel to be a community Nature Park.


Rasmussen Pond is the only "natural" area in Cameron Park and surrounding regions consisting of grassland, oak forest, high chaparral, riparian and fresh water ecological environments that is readily accessible to the local community. Together with the adjacent land owned by the Pine Hill Preserve(40 acres) and El Dorado County is has 6 miles of "social" trails. (See Map)

For more details about the case for preservation, see Preservation Case Jan 2022.

Responses to this website show that it is used by more than 700 people that visit the area more than 60,000 times per year for walking (with/without dogs), running, cycling, photography etc.

The purpose of this website is to:
  • Document the number of people who visit this area and for what activity.
  • Increase the community awareness of the proposed housing development.
  • Increase community support to oppose the development.
  • Advise activities and processes that the can be used to oppose the development.
  • Devise a way for the land can be purchased for a community Nature Park.


Of interest is that the land on the southwest boundary is part of the Pine Hill Preserve and the land on the southeast boundary is owned by El Dorado County. Both of these parcels were purchased as a rare plant preserve/gabbro soil property. The American River Conservancy, Bureau of Land Management (administrator of the Pine Hill Preserve) and El Dorado County were approached to buy the land.

However, they all declined due to at least one of the following reasons:

  • The land does not have rare plant species.
  • The asking price is too high.
From investigations carried out by the Rasmussen Pond Alliance it would appear that at this time neither of these reasons may still be valid.

For information about why the Pine Hill Preserve is so special check out these websites:

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